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Sooraj Nambiatt -The realistic wood elephant sculptor

Sooraj Nambiat,known to all as 'The Anamaker',
is known for his talent in making lifelike elephants out of wood.
He isn't a man who makes your regular wooden elephants,but a guy with so much passion,who makes hyperrealistic ones from wood.
The most intresting part of his work is that his models are real life elephants that are quite famous around in kerala.He even goes to the extent of studying of each one of them,learnig their aesthetic aspects of life and as a result noteven a minute detail escapse his eyes,even the wrinkles and the veins.
After alot of surfacing and smoothenig The famous giants of kerala are reborn into their wooden avatars.
Each of his work is so perfect that people have actualy recognized the real life elephants from its smaller versions.
The only thing you'll find missing is that they are not alive.