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Ilsung-The wood puzzle maker

'Edakoodam' were wooden puzzle used by the kings of kerela as a mode of entertainment,an alternate of the rubik's
cube.Having the properties of incresing memory power,it has the additional quality of being eco friendly.
But these puzzles were later replaced by toys that do not help in any mental development and now the latest smartphones takes their place.
This is were Mr. illsung takes the stage.He Is a vetran in wood carvings.he is known for his work in making the above
mentioned 'edakoodam'.Each of the puzzles are made with extra care so that they don't loose their symmetry which is why they never loose their interlocking properties. For illsung these puzzle are more than just work, they are his passion and he is on a campaign to bring these wooden playmates back to life in this computer age for the future generation and to eradicate the amount of plastic toy to make a clean and safe world.